From LegalFAB to Blockchain and Beyond

Rena Phua | 11-Oct-2018

Maeva Slotine, a triple qualified lawyer in France, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong and Founder of Slotine, shared her approached to Legal Technology from a client's perspective, how she leverages on LegalFAB's Contract Assembly Solution as a differentiator to make work more efficient, her views on our blockchain solutions in the area of Intellectual Property and Corporate Governance, and what this means for her firm and clients at Time for Change: Disruption and Innovation in the Legal Sector, organised by French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore on 3 October 2018. 

LegalFAB's Contract Assembly solution enables my team to work efficiently and gives us the edge that is needed to convince clients that a boutique independent firm like Slotine can handle sophisticated international transactions efficiently without compromising on quality”, said Maeva.

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